What is a member expected to do? 

In broad terms, the key membership obligations are: 

  • To agree to arrange parking between users and parking providers on an agreed minimum set of terms, open to all service provider members (this does not preclude separate bilateral arrangements). 
  • To provide and share data consistently and appoint the NPP as the data processor for GDPR purposes. 
  • To handle financial flows and communicate pricing information consistently, including holding funds in dedicated accounts and taking fees as transactions are processed, with defined processing times for financial transactions. 
  • To provide the NPP with information necessary for effective system operation. 
  • To handle back-office tasks such as managing complaints and refunds following a standard approach. 
  • To inform users that the NPP operates using a common approach, with specific branding, notices, and signage. 
  • To meet all technical requirements and avoid introducing vulnerabilities into the platform. 

In addition: 

  • Service providers must demonstrate their financial viability 
  • Private parking providers must confirm their right to charge for a given site 

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