How to Join

The Full national Parking platform is under development and will be ready in October 2024. We will prepare new service providers to integrate with the full platform as part of this process.
Please contact us here to register your interest and find out more information

Service Providers

An open market for innovators

The NPP is on track to be one of the world’s largest parking markets; and it is open to everyone who is able to be a responsible service provider.

The structure of the NPP means that service providers no longer need to focus on winning procurement exercises, and instead can concentrate on creating services that appeal to different groups of customers.

With the end of the one-size-fits-all approach, we expect to see more service providers, tailoring their services to different groups of people, and who thrive where they provide the best possible service. At the NPP, we want to help that process of innovation take hold.

Benefits of joining include


Open access to work with all participating parking operators without the need for procurement or complex legal arrangements.


Opportunities for innovators to compete based on quality of service and pursue niche markets


Billing and reconciliation handled centrally by the NPP

Joined up

Ready-to-go links to enforcement back-office systems and handheld devices
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