The Full National Parking Platform is being built and will be ready in October 2024.

Parking Operators

Make parking simple

Read below to find out the benefits of joining the NPP for Parking Operators and Councils 

Improved Customer Experience

  • The NPP allows users to pay for parking via their preferred parking app (including integrated in-vehicle systems), rather than having to download different apps for different car parks when they arrive, thus eliminating the need for cash and reducing the risk of fraud. 
  • Competition between suppliers for customers – enables customers to choose the supplier that best meets their needs. 
  • Improved experience for people with specific requirements like blue badge holders
  • Allows for diverse digital payment methods which suit different customers.

Easy implementation of advanced, digitised services

  • Councils and Operators join a tried and tested process for enabling digital payments
  • Information from all payment providers in one data stream for use by enforcement 
  • Councils (as data controllers) provided with a secure environment where they own and control the data 
  • Payments from all payment providers aggregated into a single, auditable session payment schedule. 

Reduced costs for Councils

  • Reduced requirement for on-street payment equipment, improved customer experience, and more choice is proven to encourage greater use of cashless payment 
  • Removes the requirement for public procurement of digital payment providers which promotes innovation and resilience by giving more options to pay if one payment system fails. 

Make Informed data led decisions

NPP will enable Councils to make informed strategic decisions on the implementation of policies to: 

  • Achieve sustainability goals (e.g. dynamic tariffs, emissions-based charging) 
  • Provide evidence to support tariff policies 
  • Support local businesses (through validation schemes, etc.) 
  • Improve traffic management (through better information on parking availability) 


NPP Introduction for Local Authorities

Guide for Decision Makers

Practical Changes in Parking Operations

Local authorities can digitise parking without the need for extensive procurement processes.

Parking data becomes more abundant and sophisticated, seamlessly integrating into standard satnavs and mapping apps.
Enforcement providers can increasingly plug into a unified system.

Back-office functions can be centralized and automated

What kinds of membership for parking operators are there?

For cashless parking, there are three types of membership currently on offer to parking operators: 

designed for parking providers who want to join right away, especially if an existing contract is coming to an end. Early access means NPP services (including multi-vendor payment) can be unlocked immediately, through the existing technical systems and contractual structures. This system will automatically convert to full membership once it is available, and will operate without transaction costs until that point.  

designed for parking providers who want to offer multi-vendor cashless parking through the NPP, from late 2024 onwards. This provides all the cashless parking services of the NPP. 

designed for parking providers locked into an exclusive contract, but who are still keen to take advantage of some NPP features, and have the platform ready to take them on as full members. Associate members

  • Share their parking data through the NPP (e.g. with enforcement providers, mapping apps) 
  • Receive standard national location codes for parking sites 
  • Are ‘ready to go’ for full membership, and can move across without further technical setup 
  • But DON’T handle actual payments through the NPP 


The Full National Parking Platform is being built and will be ready in October 2024.

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