Make Parking Simple

In the traditional market model, parking providers sign contracts with individual parking apps, locking their parking into one app for years. This meant users can only use that one app in one place, and often need another app for the car park next door. 

The NPP connects everything together into a single system that connects parking providers, parking apps, and others. It isn’t an app – it is a behind-the-scenes hub that makes every participating app work for every participating parking space. And, in the process, it makes other kinds of payments work better as well. 

This creates an open market where users get to choose which app they use. That means apps have to appeal directly to users with better or cheaper services; there is more reason to innovate and invest; and it is easier for new innovators to enter the marketplace. 

And it means  that data becomes standardised, shareable, and at motorists’ disposal. Parking enters the 21st century.  

Beyond Parking

The NPP’s first task is to simplify cashless parking, but its infrastructure is designed to do more. Future phases of development are expected to include EV charging, managing residents’ parking, or a one-stop-shop for drivers paying existing tolls or charges— without having to struggle with new apps or accounts every time.  

This lays the groundwork for future vehicles to handle parking payments for themselves, paving the way to truly effortless parking. 

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