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The Full National Parking Platform is being built and will be ready in October 2024. As and Local Authority parking operator you'll get free membership by joining before 31 March 2024

Joining Process

Step 1
Start your NPP Journey now

By signing our Expression of interest form This is just to register interest and does not obligate you to join but rather helps the NPP team to tailor its messaging, info and event invitations. Under current arrangements, local authority parking providers would not incur costs for joining, provided they register interest in the NPP before 31/3/24 

Step 2
Choosing a membership type and signing a membership agreement 

As discussed in the 'Membership' Section, there are 3 types of NPP membership. An organisation will need to decide which it seeks to make use of - early access, full, or associate. 

With this decision made, the organisation will need to secure any necessary internal agreements to proceed.

Step 3
Sign a registration form

Signing up to the NPP Membership


*The Exception to this is early access membership, where a series of standardised bilateral contracts with participating service providers will need to be signed.

With this complete, the parking provider is officially a member of the NPP.

Step 4
Coming Onboard

Once a parking provider is a member, a target onboarding date will be set. Where relevant (and in particular when an existing contract is due to end), the NPP onboarding team can arrange a target date ahead of membership and begin working through the technical steps in this stage in advance of formal membership.

Technical onboarding revolves around the assembly of relevant data about relevant parking sites and the terms, conditions and tariffs that apply. In most cases, this will work from existing cashless parking data; in some cases, it will require this information to be assembled for the first time.

Special circumstances – early access members 

Early access members join the NPP using different legal arrangements to the full platform. They will need to confirm their acceptance of the NPP membership agreement in order to continue using the NPP once the full platform is in operation.

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