How to Join

The Full National Parking Platform is being built and will be ready in October 2024. Once launched we will be inviting equipment suppliers to join the NPP. In the meantime, you can contact us here to register your interest and find out more information

Equipment Suppliers

APDS – when parking talks one language

The NPP does more than make is easier to pay for parking. By linking parking sites into a single system, it means that within the NPP there is a common language for parking data for the first time.

That makes new technology easier to use – replacing bespoke builds with plug-and-play functionality. That means equipment providers who work with the NPP and APDS can offer easy-to-use systems to dozens of parking providers, and watch their market grow as the NPP gets larger.

Integration to the NPP means equipment that is sure to work with existing assets, and talk instantly to established systems for enforcement, data and payments. That takes the risk out of purchasing new equipment, and makes the benefits even clearer.

Benefits of joining include


Lower development costs to connect new equipment to the wider parking ecosystem, and a chance to shape the platform as it grows


Bigger markets of parking operators that are looking for NPP compatibility – either today or in preparation for tomorrow


Potential to diversify your services by offering digital parking payments alongside pay and display services.

Joined up

Improved real-time parking information that joins up into a bigger data picture.
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