The National Parking Platform has been under development at the Department for Transport since 2019, with the help of partners in the parking sector and local government.  

How does The NPP work?

The NPP is a data hub and open marketplace, built around the new ISO standard for exchanging parking data (APDS). It provides a series of standardised ways to share important data about parking sites and the vehicles that want to park there. Service providers use this data to set up parking sessions on behalf of users.

The NPP itself records the transactions that take place, and later ensures that bills are settled and each parking provider receives the funds they are owed. It also passes information to enforcement providers, so that enforcement teams on the street know which vehicles have paid and which have

The Platform also gathers together a live picture of parking conditions and availability across the country, and will be able to share this with others. This means that the different participants in the system can share information through a single portal, allowing them to pass prices, occupancy data and more to users through a variety of means.

Details on the standard and the Alliance can be found here

Operators are able to:

  • Describe the parking they offer (including rates, times, restrictions etc)
  • Publicise occupancy in real time
  • Accept payments and reservations from Service Providers without the need for a contract with each one
  • Digitise compliance monitoring without the need for local digital infrastructure

Service Providers are able to:

  • Offer their customers the ability to park in any participating Operator’s facility
  • Pay Operators for parking used by their Customers without the need for a contract with each one
  • Negotiate rates and access with Operators for their Customers
  • Reserve spaces in Operator’s facilities
  • Develop value added services (e.g. guidance to space, frictionless parking) based on standard, available information.

NPP Timeline

60,000 Total Transactions per month
93,000Transactions per month
130,000 Transactions per month

The Team

Michael Dnes

Head of the National Parking Platform and Future Roads Technology

Department for Transport

Graham Hanson

NPP Head of Development

Department for Transport 

Clara Pettitt

NPP Product Owner

Department for Transport

Martin Rooney

NPP Stakeholder and Programme Management

Department for Transport

Jonathan Allan

National Parking Platform – Customer & Communications Lead

British Parking Association & Department for Transport 

Michelle Boshoff - Turner

National Parking Platform Customer Manager

Department for Transport  

Keith Williams

NPP Early Access Technical Onboarding Manager and Subject Matter Expert

Parking Matters on behalf of DfT

Nigel Williams

Chair of Alliance for Parking Data Standards & Subject Matter Expert

Parking Matters on behalf of DfT

Markus Schneider

Head of APDS Change Control & Subject Matter Expert & NPP Early Access Development and Operations  Manager

Parking Matters on behalf of DfT

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